Money Matters

Waiting List Registration

There is no cost to put your child’s name on the waiting list.

Enrolment Fee

When your child has been offered a position at the Preschool you are required to pay a one off, non-refundable fee, which is $250 (in 2024) to secure the position.

2024 Preschool Fees

All children in NSW are eligible to receive 600 hours per year or 2 days per week of affordable Preschool Education. Please contact the office for further information.

  • Unfunded Fee – approximately $90 for 3rd day.

Maintenance & Work Health Safety Compliance Levy

$10 per week is added to each families account.   This levy is required to pay for essential building and playground maintenance as well as Work Health Safety compliance.



The profits from any fundraising go directly into the purchasing of resources to enhance the teaching and learning programme.

Fundraising events differ from year to year but have included Bunnings BBQ, Fete’s, Trivia Nights, Picture Plates, Tea Towels etc. Often it depends upon the interest from families and having sufficient volunteers and organisers.

Priority of Access to Preschool (How positions are allocated) and Funding (How the money is allocated)

The Preschool is a ‘not for profit’, incorporated association and is subject to the requirements of the Corporations Act 2001.

Our income is derived from two sources:

  • NSW State Government Start Strong Preschool Funding which currently covers a percentage of our yearly operational costs.
  • NSW State Government Start Strong Preschool Funding
  • Fees, levy’s, donations and fundraising make up the remainder of our necessary income.

St Stephen’s Preschool is funded through the NSW Department of Education.

To be eligible to receive funding we are required to adhere to the following Priority of Access Guidelines.

  • Children in their year before school who are 4 years old before July 31st.
  • Children who are at least 3 years old on or before July 31st
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Children
  • Children from low-income / equity families

The funding for 3 and 4 year olds is for 15 hours per week/600 hours per year.  Children that attend more than 15 hours per week do not receive funding for their additional hours and fees will be charged for additional days. The third day will incur a cost to be confirmed.

Equity and ATSI families receive a higher base rate of funding.


For further information on funding go to

Fees for low income, Aboriginal and Torres Strait families (Equity)

Under the terms of our funding agreement with DEC, we are required to offer a fee reduction for Low income and Aboriginal families.  The purpose of this funding is to provide assistance for families to access preschool education.

To be eligible for the low income/equity rebate families must be within the income limits for the ‘Low Income Health Care Card’.  We need to sight and take copies of Health Care cards as proof of eligibility.

For further information on the Rebate for Low Income/equity and Aboriginal families at St Stephen’s Preschool, please contact the Preschool Office.