“An inclusive service is one that understands, respects, welcomes, celebrates and honours the diversity of children, families and staff”.   At St Stephen’s preschool we believe that diversity comes in many different forms, for example culture, language, religion, lifestyle, family arrangements and circumstances, abilities and disabilities”


At St Stephens preschool we are committed to ensuring that all children have access to a preschool programme that reflects the diversity of family types, life-styles, background, experiences and cultures within both our local and wider community.

Inclusion benefits everyone – it supports positive early childhood development, helps build stronger families, relationships and communities. It helps to develop quality Early Childhood Education programs and works to create healthy and vibrant communities.

To support our commitment to inclusion we have established an ‘inclusion support team’ to work with families of children with varying capabilities, that need additional support, to ensure that each child can develop to their fullest potential.