Why choose St Stephen’s Preschool and How to Visit.

Why choose St Stephen’s Preschool and How to Visit.


Choosing a preschool for your child is an exciting time although it can be very daunting. There is so much to consider and everyone has their own idea of what a “good” preschool looks like, sounds like and feels like.

Is it the “nice ladies” that make it good, the fancy buildings, beautiful gardens, the flash website, the way they use technology, the price, friends and neighbours say it’s good?

All of these things can contribute to a “Good” Preschool and support your decision making but we believe that a good Preschool, or as we prefer to say a “high quality” Preschool is a place where you and your child feel welcome and valued, where you feel a connection, where communication is authentic, and real relationships are formed.  It actually does not really matter what the buildings are like, it is the quality of the interactions that form the basis of  a high quality preschool programme.

At St Stephen’s we believe that your choice of Preschool for your child should be based on a couple of key factors. So rather than give you all the reasons why you should choose St Stephen’s Preschool, we are giving you some ideas of what to look and listen for when you contact/visit us.

  • From your first point of contact:
  • Did you feel welcome?
  • Were the team members you spoke to open and authentic?
  • Did you feel heard?
  • When you visited the preschool:
  • Did you feel comfortable with what you saw and heard?
  • Did you see happy, engaged children?
  • Did you see children that were unsettled being comforted or the given the space they needed to regulate their emotions?
  • Did you see Early childhood professionals that were engaged and interested in the children?
  • Were the team able to explain the programme to you, how it works and why they do things they way they do? Did you feel like they really knew what they were doing and were passionate about Early childhood education?

If you can answer yes to these questions then you have found a high quality, “good” preschool and this is why we believe you should choose St Stephen’s Preschool.

We are proud of our Preschool, our history, our team, our commitment to our children and families and we are confident that once you visit us you will want to join the St Stephen’s Preschool Family.

How to visit St Stephens Preschool

We have created a virtual tour which can give you an overview of the setting in which your children will learn and play. We offer short ‘out of hours’ tours once you are enrolled.



Contact Details:

Preschool Office: 9489 2058

Email: office@ststephenspreshool.com.au