Educa – Our Online Communication Tool

EDUCA is our online documentation and communication programme for families and our team.

We use Educa to share your child’s day at Preschool through photos, notes, stories and video’s. Through a secure and private logon you will gain access to your child’s personal education profile where you can see and share what is happening in the life of your child.   There is a section called “about me” on your child’s profile page that you can tell us about their interests, how they like to play etc.

Educa is where ALL information, forms, policies, calendar dates can be found. Group information, reminders, notes from the Director are all loaded up on Educa. You receive an email notification when information that is pertinent to you is uploaded.

The Educa App is available for all devices so that you can keep in touch quickly and easily.

All families are sent an Educa Log-in prior to commencing at Preschool.

It is important to note that all Preschool information is shared through Educa, thus accepting your log-in and actively engaging with Educa each week is essential – otherwise you WILL miss out on important information and events.

We encourage families to share Educa with their child, as children love to see their learning stories, photos and videos and it opens up conversations about their preschool day.