Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We proudly sit on the Darug and Guringai Country and recognize that we have a responsibility to be good stewards of this land for God and First Nations people.  

We believe –  

Play based intentional learning, where all children’s learning is based on their strengths, interests and capabilities. Children’s learning is supported by the planning cycle.  

Educators engage with the children while supporting and extending their learning through planning and provision of stimulating experiences and activities.  

Cultural responsiveness drives us to seek a deeper understanding of all cultures and diversity through continued learning and shared knowledge with families and the wider community.  

Our environment at Preschool and in the wider community is valuable and should be respected, we have a sense of responsibility to care for the land as our Traditional owners do.  

An inclusive environment where children and families from diverse backgrounds feel welcomed, engaged and heard. Their shared knowledge is valued and recognized.  

Ongoing engagement with other agencies to promote the best outcomes for our children.  

Collaborative leadership within the Staff team recognizing we all bring value and worth to our Preschool.  

All children are unique and are a creation of God.