Christian Connections

As a Preschool attached to a church we freely share our understanding and the love of God with the children throughout the day. Whilst we do not run a Bible based programme, we do talk about God and his impact on our lives. At Easter and Christmas time we discuss these celebrations from a Biblical perspective and how the families in our service celebrate these times.

We are proud of our relationship with St Stephen’s Church and are very blessed to be part of the St Stephen’s Community.

St. Stephen’s Church

Our Preschool, whilst community based, is part of the wider Christian community of St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Normanhurst.

The church offers a number of Growth Groups, Pastoral Care programmes, Children/Youth Programmes, Play Group, Mother’s Union, Women’s and Men’s groups, English as a Second Language (ESL) class.

Members of the church are families within the Preschool, and the Church community also has a presence on our Board of Management.

If you have any questions regarding the church and its community programmes  contact the church office on 9487 3730 or email