Libby Kirk

Libby Kirk

I graduated from Sydney Kindergarten Teachers’ College, in 1976, many years ago now! Then started work at an inner city centre run by Kindergarten Union Children Services, this was quite an eye opener having had a conservative North Shore life growing up. The experience I gained by working here enhanced my tolerance and patience and helped to develop skills at making do with little in the way of resources. I moved to a KU centre on the upper north shore, after that, to add to my experience as an educator I worked for a year as a permanent relief staff member which allowed me to experience many differing types of centres run by KU. Then we started our family, and have lived locally since then.

While my children were young I returned to a year of study at Sydney Teachers’ College and began my B.Ed at Macquarie University. I deferred this course to look after my terminally ill mother but chose not to return to complete this study. By this time, my youngest child had started school and I was given the opportunity to work at their school on a part time and relief basis, which I did for a few years before taking a permanent part time position at another Community based Pre-School. I remained there for 15 years and retired, I thought at the time, from teaching.

I was a very active parent in my children’s school, both Primary and Secondary, holding a variety of positions on the school’s Parents and Friends Committee ranging from Treasurer, to Vice President and President. I also held a position on the inaugural Broken Bay Diocesan Parent’s Council. This helps me understand the vital role that parents play in the running of a Community Based Preschool.

I worked in retail for a few years and in 2007 Ariane offered me the opportunity to work, at first 1 day a week, then 3 days a week with The Green Tree Frogs for the rest of that year. This then became a permanent position which I thoroughly enjoyed, working as part of a caring and dedicated team of early childhood professionals. At the end of 2013 I made the decision to leave permanent work but happily I remained on the casual relief list and had the pleasure to welcome a new Sunflower Group in 2014. I looked forward to meeting each new group of eager children and their families working in partnership to nurture each child to reach their full potential.

I had such a wonderful year in 2014 working with all of the groups in a support role, it was so lovely to spend time with all of the children and seeing the different ways that they learnt and grew over the 12 months. There is something so thrilling about witnessing a child adding to their skills and sharing in their accomplishments.

So, in 2015 I was given the opportunity to work in partnership with Julie as we welcomed a new pod of “Dolphins”. once again I was out of retirement!! I embraced our digital documentation with enthusiasm because it gives each child’s family immediate access to their preschool journey and more importantly the child’s family will have the ability to give us their feedback. This is such an invaluable tool which will aid in planning learning experiences for the individual child and their interests.

I love to read and cook and I have a great love of art and fostering the children’s creativity, I enjoy painting along side the children and really love to share a story or a song with them.