Enza Peltonen

Enza Peltonen

Hi, I’m Alexis.

I have been working here at St Stephens’s preschool since 2020.  I currently work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday within school hours, so you may not see me at drop off or pick up times.  My job is to cover the educators lunch breaks and supporting the team.

I completed my Diploma of children’s services in 2001, I then completed my Bachelor of Teaching in 2006.  I have spent time working in Preschools and Long day care, I am passionate about not for profit centres and support for families.

I love open ended play materials and experiences for children.  I enjoy coming to work every day with children as they are welcomed into our care and community.  I am an advocate for children having long periods of uninterrupted play.  I appreciate the children playing and being able to make a mess and then learning how to clean it up together!

My husband and I have three children Coby, Jay and Keira.  They have been through St Stephen’s Preschool.  We are blessed to be able to go away to the beach in the school holidays and see family.

My children and I attend church here at St Stephen’s at the 10 am service.  Being part of the church community we have here at St Stephen’s is important to my family as they are welcoming and loving.