Natalie Stewart

Natalie Stewart

I have enjoyed 14 years of association with St Stephens Preschool – 6 as a parent, 1 as a cheerleader of the preschool, and 7 as an employee. I am looking forward to sharing my 15th year with you.

I reflect on the many seasons of my life which have contributed to the person I am today.

* I have studied to attain a Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood (0-8) and a Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies.

* I have been employed as a Youth then Associate Pastor for 10 years.

* I have been happily married to James for 23 years, and we have 3 beautiful children aged 13, 15, and 17 whom I love very much, though I find parenting challenging.

* I am a Christian and attend St Stephen’s Church (upstairs). I co-lead a mixed Growth Group of people from Church@5. We regularly pray for the preschool community: the staff, the children and the families – that you might know and experience God’s love through the people you meet.

* I love music (especially songs with a strong bass line) and enjoy singing harmonies. James and I were heavily involved with the Band Program in our children’s primary school as we believe there are many practical benefits to learning an instrument and being part of a band. We are pleased to listen to various performances where our kids showcase their developing skills with Trumpet, French Horn, Drum Kit, Glockenspiel, and Voice.

* I am learning to enjoy reading novels, but love going to the cinema (which has been limited during the CoVID years) and live musicals. I am discovering the local High Schools produce high standard performances for a more affordable price!

* I am thankful for my predecessor Enza (who mentoring and trained me the admin role of the preschool 😊), and my Office colleagues Ariane and Julie as we strive to cover the ever-increasing compliance and functional responsibilities involved in operating the preschool.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you and your children this year.