Julie Creasey

Julie Creasey

I am Julie, and I work with the Dolphin Group on Thursday and Friday.  I also work in the office on a Wednesday and enjoy the change of pace between both roles (oh and I get to wear “office chick” clothes!!)

I graduated from Macquarie University in 2003 (with a Bachelor of Education, Early childhood) as a mature aged student having managed to study in amongst bringing up a young family, my youngest son and I began preschool on the same day!

I believe that children learn through play and social interactions,  and therefore the social and emotional wellbeing of children is paramount.  Once children feel secure and loved they are then ready to learn.   I believe that our first job is to build relationships with each child through warm, caring and meaningful interactions. My goals for children are for them to be empowered, confident in problem solving skills, self-motivated, innovative, to be able to persevere, to be able to work with others, self-regulated, compassionate and to have empathy.

I am so enthused by sharing stories and connecting with families through our online tool, Educa.  I love the way it is so immediate, that families can share stories and write comments and finally I can share videos. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but to see and hear what happens, albeit in short snippets, shows so much more.  I like to use mind-maps to help with planning and reflecting too.

Other things that fill my world are my three sons, a husband, fitness in the form of ‘Cross-fit’ and playing soccer.  I like to dabble in ceramics, crochet and card making.