Ariane Simon

Ariane Simon





My story is long with many twists and turns.

So here is the short version for you!!

I have been the Director at St Stephen’s since 2003. Prior to working at preschool I was a Child Studies Teacher at TAFE, a lecturer at University, a special needs teacher and a Long Day Care Director in a couple of Community Based/Not for Profit services.

I am passionate about a lot of things (including drinking way too much Tea and eating too much Cadbury chocolate (no nuts). But mostly, I am passionate about Childrens’ Services being Community Based and not run for profit. Working at St Stephen’s and being a part of this wonderful community constantly reminds me about the importance of community and family.

It is a joy and a privilege to share the lives of young families as they entrust the care and education of their children to us. From the tears of first children coming to Preschool to the tears as the last child leaves us to go to “Big” school. The highs and lows that we share with families always touch my heart and I feel very blessed to be part of this community.

I am an staunch advocate for Early Childhood services and spend a lot of time advocating and working to inform not just our community but the the government on the importance of Early Childhood Education and the need for funding that enables equitable, affordable access for all children to a quality early childhood education.

When I am not at work I am a mum to two “gorgeous, yet frustratingly like their mother girls, Morgan works in the entertainment world, teaching dance, musical theatre, working in production etc and after studying Sound and Lighting Engineering she is now doing a double degree in Education and Arts at Macquarie Uni.   Zoe, is studying Floristry which means we go to the markets early one day a week and my house is usually full of her creations which is a big bonus. We have a busy, interesting life that is never dull. We also have a cat – Freckle, a dog – Enzo they are very good company and make us laugh and are an important part of our little family.

I love to read, keep fit and strong, watch movies and documentaries, I read ravenously and collect old/books and tea cups. I love to go to the theatre, I especially love musicals, and I love to travel, travel, travel. My annual pilgrammage to the sun and palm trees in Fiji in the Christmas holidays is a must and is much anticipated each year. The countdown starts when I reach 99 days to go.