Amanda Buzacott

Amanda Buzacott

My name is Amanda Buzacott, or perhaps, better known to you as Amanda B!

I work on a Thursday and Friday.

On these days I teach the Dophins group, but I also get to see the children in the Lorikeets and Magpies.

I began working at St Stephens at the end of 2013.

I feel blessed to be a part of such a wonderful staff at the preschool, especially loving the community feel within the preschool (although this extends beyond as you build on your relationships which started at the preschool).

I completed my Bachelor of Teaching, Early Childhood at the University of Western Sydney in 1995.

I completed my Bachelor of Education, Special Education at the University of Technology, Kuring-gai in 1996.

I worked as an educator within Long Day Care centres and then in a community based Preschool as Director / Educator before leaving to have my first child in 2004, (who is in year 12 this year).

I then focused my time on being a full time mum.(This is a challenging but rewarding “role”, which changes every day, but especially every year. Always new and sometimes harder challenges to face).

I have 2 children; Jack now 17 and Philippa 14.

Both Jack and Pippa went to St Stephens Preschool, which they loved. They still have very close friends who they went to preschool with!

Besides having my 2 beautiful children, I am married to Geoff.

We also have a lovely yellow Lab, Zoe, who is 4. Zoe is my walking buddy, she sometimes meets some preschool friends on our walks!

I go to a local church.

In my spare time I enjoy walking, gardening (when I can relax and just potter), card making (very rare these days Frown) and sometimes!! baking.

I believe all children are individuals, growing and learning through play and exploration in an environment where they feel safe and happy.

When a child feels secure they are eager to ask questions, to have a go and to imagine.